We work on anything that seems experimentally unfeasible.

Drone Aerodynamics


We have developed a new flight facility concept for testing drones. Contrary to traditional low turbulence and steady flow wind facilities designed for aircraft, our wind facility allows the generation of arbitrary wind profiles in space and time. Drones can thus be tested in free-flight under gusty conditions. Weather (rain, snow, hail, fog, dust, etc.) can be easily integrated. We launched a startup in order to commercialize such facilities and/or provide testing services for drone makers or users. For more information, please visit: http://www.windshape.ch.

State-of-the-Art Flow Diagnostics


The laboratory is the most advanced facility in Western Switzerland for flow diagnostics in terms of know-how. It maintains a tradition inherited from the California Institute of Technology – the capability to design instruments from scratch that are fully dedicated to the measurement. The techniques include,  but are not limited to, PIV (2D, stereoscopic, 3D), Laser Doppler Veclocimetry, high speed imaging, Schlieren imaging, hot wire flow measurement, microflow imaging, pressure scanning, Pressure Sensitive Paint technology, 6-component force evaluation from balances as well as from velocity data etc.


Disruptive Technologies


We imagine, design, and operate various technologies associated with  aerodynamics and hydrodynamics, and fluid mechanics in general. These include biomedical devices, air and water drones, flow control technologies for propellers and windmills, marine propulsors, etc. Please visit our PROJECTS page for more information.