This year (2017) we celebrate 10 years of exclusive collaboration with the French Skiing Federation. We offer them our aerodynamic expertise for downhill skiing, ski jumping, ski cross, snowboard, biathlon, etc. Several Olympic gold medalists and Golden Globe winners have gone through our wind, including Jason Lamy-Chappuis (2010 Olympic Gold Medalist, Vancouver), Alexis Pinthurault (2017 Crystal Globe for Downhill Combined), Pierre Vaultier (2017 Crystal Globe for snowboard cross), etc.

In parallel, we have been developing a revolutionary skiing facility for downhill skiing as well as ski jumping. The new facility will enable realistic kinematics, which are absent in conventional steady flow wind tunnel facilities.


French Skiing Federation (FFS), Swiss Ski, Swiss Speed Skiing, Spain Speed Skiing, Belgium Speed Skiing


Test benches / Measurements