In collaboration with WindShape Ltd, we are in the process of setting up a drone research, test, and certification center (Drone Pole) within the Swiss Aeropole in Payerne, Switzerland. Located at the heart of Switzerland’s rich drone ecosystem, it will host a revolutionary multi-purpose facility (WindShape Center) for testing and certifying drones indoors in real and controlled flight conditions (including weather, shear, gusts, vertical and side winds), based on the modular wind generation concept developed by WindShape. The facility will also serve other industry needs (trains, planes,etc.). A basic unit, WindShaper 1, was delivered to Caltech and NASA in October 2017.

For drone industries and operators, Drone Pole will provide them with a one-stop shop for all their drone testing and certification needs.

For academic institutions, Drone Pole will be a research facility with the most advanced drone research equipment and the accessibility to actual flight testing grounds.

Drone Pole will also serve as an incubator to startups in the drone business, with all the amenities, infrastructures, testing facilities, and expertise in one single spot.