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 CHA – Center for Hydrodynamics & Aerodynamics

CHA – Center for Hydronautics & Aeronautics

CHA – Center for Hydraulics & Aeraulics

XXI Century Aerodynamics

At the International Symposium on Flow Visualization at ETH Zürich (June 2018), Streamwise, Vectoflow and WindShape showcased their technology and gave us a glimpse on how aerodynamics will be done in the future.

WindShape at World Economic Forum with Swiss President Doris Leuthard

On June 24-26 2018, WindShape was invited by House of Switzerland to showcase its technology at the World Economic Forum (WEF) first Drone Innovators Newtwork workshop. Switzerland President Doris Leuthard was master of ceremonies and witnessed a live demonstration of...

Swiss Drone Volière

WindShape has been invited by the Swiss Confederation and the State of Geneva to demonstrate Swiss leadership in drone technology, along withe ten other major swiss drone manufacturers (senseFly, Flyability, Wingtra, Verity Studios etc.). The event is hosted by the...

Drone Pole

In collaboration with WindShape Ltd, we are in the process of setting up a drone research, test, and certification center (Drone Pole) within the Swiss Aeropole in Payerne, Switzerland. Located at the heart of Switzerland’s rich drone ecosystem, it will host a...

A Home for WindShaper 1 – First Drone Wind & Weather Facility in the World, by WindShape Ltd

It is in many ways the wind tunnel of the 2020s (Dr Thomas ROSENBAUM, Caltech President) The place is the California Institute of Technology (Caltech), the setting is an open space in the Graduate Aeronautical Laboratories at Caltech (GALCIT), created in 1928 to house...

It is in many ways the Wind Tunnel of the 2020s.

To: The Caltech Community From: Thomas F. Rosenbaum Sonja and William Davidow Presidential Chair and Professor of Physics Date: December 7, 2017 Re: 2017 Year-End Message What we call the beginning is often the end / And to make an end is to make a beginning. The end...

Feathered drone in the wind tunnel

Prof Dario Floreano's feathered drone came back into the wind tunnel after several aerodynamic sessions last year with Stefano Mintchev (his postdoc) and Matteo Di Luca (one of his apprentices). This year, the focus was on controls. The drone was made free to roll,...

Speed skiers at 250 km/h

Speed Skiers from the Spain national team and the Belgium national team were tested today at 250 km/h. In the picture, Ricardo Adarraga from the spanish national team has been testing his latest technologies and positions. His objective for the 2017-2018 season is to...

Running Aero Tests for senseFly in the ETH Zürich Wind Tunnel

On Tuesday October 2, 2017, we were in the historical ETH Zürich wind tunnel (built by legendary and first swiss aerodynamicist, Prof Jakob Ackeret, who also built the first ever closed circuit supersonic wind tunnel and introduced the Mach number). Tests were...

Inside the McLaren Racing Wind Tunnel

Cédric Michel-Grosjean, EPFL student, has been working at McLaren Racing Technology for his Master's thesis. While the work conducted during this activity is highly confidential, it allowed Cédric to live a lifelong dream. Because of his passion for the sport, Cédric...



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